Defining Erectile Dysfunction

Defining Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a male has difficulty in holding an erection for a satisfactory sexual intercourse. There isa huge number of males that face this issue and it is a very common issue. Erectile dysfunction usually results in lowered self-esteem in males and reduced confidence. But this disorder has a medical cure and can be easily taken care of. Erectile dysfunction occurs when there is reduced blood supply to the penis and hence the erection is difficult.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Whenever there is a mention of erectile dysfunction, the first treatment or medication that comes to a persons’ mind is Viagra. Viagra is the first FDA approved, oral medication that is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Since its approval, it has been the favorite drug for erectile dysfunction treatment. But Viagra is an expensive drug and the good news is that there are now alternate drugs available or generics available that are the same as Viagra.

Defining Erectile Dysfunction

What Are These Alternate Medications to Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

It is common knowledge that Viagra is considered to be the standard drug prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction but there are other alternates available in the market. These generics or alternate drugs also work just like Viagra. They improve the blood flow to the penis and keep the erection long enough for a satisfactory intercourse.  These generics have the similar chemical properties to Viagra but may also have properties that may be a little different from Viagra. Since the alternate medicines may be a little different from the branded one, a man’s reaction to each of them may be a little different and hence by hit and trial method, the most suitable alternative can be found out. It should be understood that just the alternate medicine does not show results, there is a physical or emotional stimulation required for an erection. These alternate drugs are now easily available in the market at a pharmacist and are much low priced when compared to the branded drug. The side-effects and safety features of the alternate drug aresimilar to that of the branded drug as well.

The Risks and Side-Effects of the Alternative Drugs

Firstly, to avoid any side effects caused by the alternative erectile dysfunction treating drugs, the doctor should be consulted and any pre-existing health condition should be informed to him as some drugs that you may already be consuming such as nitrates for chest pain, hypertension drugs and, hypotension drugs may react with these generics and show severe side effects.

It is seen that the most common side effects of the alternative ED treatment drugs are indigestion, headaches, muscle aches, nose congestion and back pain. Rarely, a severe side effect may occur wherein the male gets a painful erection that does not go away easily.

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