Effective dosage for body builders

Since you have been attracted towards this title, let’s come to a conclusion that you have a great passion for body building and you are seeking for the best option to enhance your muscles. If this is your passion, you need not get stressed over the effort and results as here is the best solution to make you reach the goal without consuming more time.

Obviously none other than the steroids can exhibit faster results. Even though there are many protein pills and supplements in the market, you cannot yield better result out of them.  Only the effective steroids like anavar make lead you in the right way of body building.

Anavar- the origin When this steroid was launched in the market, it was stated that this steroid is the best medication for muscle loss. That is many people lost their muscle strength once after got exposed to various diseases. In order to recover these people and to support their muscle growth, anavar was used. And later this product was considered as the best product for fitness zone. This is because along with muscle growth, this steroid also helps in burning the excess of fat accumulated in the body.

Thus, this steroid supported lean muscle growth. Because of their enriched benefits, body building, celebrities, athletes and models around the world turned their attention towards this product for attaining attractive physic. The other great fact which added to the credit is anavar is stated as the steroid which is non toxic to liver.

Many people who used high potent steroids suffered a lot because of the accumulation of toxic enzymes in liver. And this statement about anavar made them feel blessed. Thus, this steroid occupied the market all over the world.

Dosage suggestionEven though this steroid is highly beneficial and are very mild to liver, they must be used only under proper dosage. Here is the dosage suggestion for using anavar at its best. The new users of anavar can start their dosage with 10-20mg per day. This can be followed for two days and they can gradually increase it in their third day.

In the third day, they can increase their dosage to 20-50mg. and this can be increased accordingly. But it is to be noted that on 7th day they must come back to their initial dosage of 20mg. the beginners can follow this cycle for about seven weeks.

People who have better experience in using anavar and if their body gets tolerated to its potent can move for high dosages as this will not cause any harmful effect on their body. But the initial users must start only from the lower dosages of this steroid as stated above.

The advanced cycle of anavar includes 50-70 mg of steroids for eight weeks. It is to be noted that going beyond 80mg may lead to overweight. Hence there should not be any fluctuations in taking the dosage. especially women can prefer comparatively low dosages than men.

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