How Steroid Shape Bodybuilding Perception

It is a fact that if you put two average people in the gym, make them eat and do the exact same exercises, but give one steroid and the other one all natural – the one with the steroid will have a more dramatic change in body and muscle mass. Studies have shown this. Even just being given a steroid treatment WITHOUT exercise will bulk up your muscles significantly. SO if you are wondering how a competition between natural and steroid use, wonder no more – it is not even close. The degree of difference is amazing. Literally slabs of muscle over non-steroid users. Over THREE times the amount of muscle to be exact. Figures are 4 lbs of gain for natural and 13 lbs with steroid use. Another surprise is that this study showed that just by using the compound and doing nothing, users still built more muscle mass than those doing natural exercises. Think about that. It is this characteristic of steroid which makes it very popular and makes everyone Buy steroids online, and the proliferation of steroids for sale online, makes this almost indispensable in the world of bodybuilding.

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     You can just imagine a regular guy, fresh off the internet going to the gym for the first time and gawking at the muscular muscle-bound beasts pumping iron and thinking to himself, I want to do what this guy is doing so I can have muscles like that too. So this regular guy does 100 sets of this and that, 20 supersets of this and that, and for sure he improves. But alas, it is nowhere near his expected results. So he starts asking, you did that in 10 weeks? So the perception is altered and when they learn that steroids are in the mix, that’s when they realize the difference. In fact, use enough steroids and it won’t actually matter what you do in the gym anymore. You are gonna bulk up. What I am saying is that you can use steroid literally dance your way inside the gym for an hour and you would STILL do better in terms of muscle mass than the guy doing natural stuff.

      So there is the problem with the idea of doing what anyone is doing based on how they look. They might be doing everything wrong and yet they get results because of steroid use. This results in more people doing crazy workouts the natural way and just overtrain and hurt themselves in the process. Overtraining is actually the worst, you tire yourself out for practically ZERO gains.

      Mind you, this is just one of the perceptions that steroid use is dramatically altering for the average gym dude. The best way to go about even starting a routine is to be very clear about your end results. Ask yourself, what am I trying to achieve? Do I want to bulk up, be huge and impress everyone regardless of how I do it? OR do I want to go to the gym and be healthy? Answer that question and you will have the answer.

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